Arduino + laser cutter = cool robots!

Housing for the arduino board

On june 19th, me and all other developers from fabrique, went to the fablab@Waag for a 'tech' workshop.

The goal for the day was to build a little robot using an arduino board, some simple sensors and a couple of motors. At the end of the day the robots needed to find their way through a maze.

We weren't able to finish our robot in time (it only drove forward) but I did make a cool looking housing for our robot. I used the fablab laser cutter and some plexiglass to make a nice sturdy frame. A laser cutter is a great tool for rapid prototyping because you can get very good results in very little time.

Overall a very inspiring and succesfull day. You can view some of the photos that where made on Flickr.

See Flickr photos

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