Red het Magische Rijk Roezanië

(web game)

Datum: June 2008
Opdrachtgever: De Harmonie ( als werknemer bij Fabrique )
Rollen in dit project: web developer, illustrator
Gebruikte technieken: HTML, CSS, ASPdotNET, CSharp, Flash
Mijn taken: creation of html templates, design and implemantation of web application (including a flash-server api), illustrations and build of avatar creator

For the Dutch publisher of the Harry Potter books we developed a story based web game. The story is situated in the Harry Potter universe and contains many elements from the books but is completely original and specifically written for this game.

The game consists of 7 chapters which become available over a 3 week period. In some chapters players must solve puzzles using the objects they can find in the game (Just like a classic point and click adventure). They also need to answer Harry Potter related questions or decipher a message in one of the books.

For this game I designed and built the database and server application and the server-flash API. I also illustrated the avatars and built the flash application which is used to create a personal avatar.