Mooiste Contact Fonds


Datum: May 2008
Opdrachtgever: KPN ( als werknemer bij Fabrique )
Rollen in dit project: web developer
Gebruikte technieken: HTML, CSS, PHP, XML, XSLT, Javascript
Mijn taken: creation of html templates, creation of XSLT stylesheets, design and implemantation of web application

Mooiste Contact Fonds is a fund started by Dutch Telecom Provider KPN. It's main purpose is to provide communication solutions for groups of people which are fulnarable to social isolation (the elderly for instance). This website is primarily informational and built up from static html pages with some dynamic elements using php (news section). To make maintenance a little easier I used XML documents as a primary data source. These documents are than transformed to HTML using XSLT stylesheets. Menus are also autmatically generated when the HTML pages are generated.