Theater Carré


Datum: April 2001
Opdrachtgever: Theater Carré ( als werknemer bij Fabrique )
Rollen in dit project: visual designer, web developer
Gebruikte technieken: HTML, ASP
Mijn taken: website design, creation of html templates, building dynamic website (ASP, VBScript)

Theater Carré is one of the oldest and certainly the best known theatre in the Netherlands. It was built in 1887 as a circus theatre but slowly changed to also host variety and other stage shows. It's currently used for a wide variety of musical shows, ballet, one man shows, etc and is open 365 days a year.

This website contained lots of practical information about the theatre, like booking information, but also lot's of historical information. It's main feature was a database of all hosted shows and a primitive form of web shop.

I was responbsible for the design of this website and also helped with the build of the management application. I also built the complete frontend including the HTML templates.