TNT Annual Report 2007


Datum: March 2008
Opdrachtgever: TNT ( als werknemer bij Fabrique )
Rollen in dit project: software developer
Gebruikte technieken: CSharp, XML, XSLT
Mijn taken: creation of XSLT stylesheets, design and implemantation of a website publishing application (C#, XML, XSLT)

Early 2008 I worked on the website for the TNT Annual Report 2007. Doing an annual report is always very hectic. Content changes very often so it's very important to automate this process as much as possible.

For this project the complete website was published by exporting xml documents from Adobe Indesign and parsing these documents using a custom piece of software I designed and implemented. XML is transformed using a set of custom parsers and xslt and finally written as html.